So how did the 3rd Annual Awakening Upon Peace come about? The first event was the Awakening Upon Love and the second was called Awakening Upon Joy.  This is the 3rd Awakening event sponsored by Pick-Up Truck Ministries which is just a name for what we do to serve the Lord.  Bill's brother, Randy, who is full of joy and Jesus' light, had a vision from the Lord three years ago and saw the words "Awakening Upon Love" - and the hills filled with people worshipping Jesus through music and sharing.  He did not feel worthy - that surely the Lord wasn't calling him to do this and so nothing happened with it. Then Braden, our youth leader, encouraged him and Randy grew bold in the Lord and believed  what he had experienced in the Spirit.  Then the Holy Spirit confirmed to Bill and Jane and so we all trusted the Lord and it began.  Now other followers are helping us with the event.  God is Good! Come taste and see how good He is!

In these days when our lives are so rushed in a world with growing hopelessness, disconnectedness, and casual care for one another, to stop for just a little while to just come together in peace to enjoy  Jesus' amazing love, peace and joy is our desire.

We welcome you in Christ's Love.