About Pick-Up Truck Ministries and Awakening Events:

As you can tell by this primitive website designed by someone who doesn't have a clue how to build one, we are not professionals!  We are followers of Jesus andneighbors  who have been called to serve others through the Awakening annual event open to whosoever comes to share our praise and joy in the Lord. He saved us all from self-destruction and empty wounded lives to give us a new life in Him.  He is our only path on which we walk.  We depend on Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit.  We call to those who already have Jesus living in them and to those who are seeking more.  Our "good or righteousness is as filthy rags", but His righteousness is ours.  Translated:  we are not goody two shoes or have an elevated opinion of ourselves; just humans who have been radically saved and are being changed by the Lord each day.  We are His servants.

We also serve in "the Pickup Truck Ministries" as God leads us.

Pick-up Truck Ministries is just a name for the Lord's moving that began in 2014 when the Lord revealed separately to our hearts a desire to serve young people, while at the same time a young friend was called to minister to youth.  We went to an Acquire the Fire concert for youth and, while on lunch break, the kids jumped up in the back of a pick up truck and started talking.  It led to sharing the Lord with those who had not met Jesus.   So we named it the Pick-Up Truck Ministries.  We are Bill and Jane Chivers  - bought by Jesus' blood and voluntarily His servants.  We are just ordinary people who were brought  out of sin-prison  and saved to experience  His wonderful Son-light.  Bill is a deacon and Jane treasurer at the local church. 

Braden Toomey is our youth leader.  He is first a young man consumed by the desire to serve Jesus and a musician who writes, sings and plays guitar - a singular talent!  He is working now to attend college and his life is given to serving the Lord.  We have kids that come from Comfort, Boerne, Fredericksburg, San Antonio, Schertz - whoever God leads  - and all are welcome.  We try to stay in the background and provide a safe and peaceful place for kids to learn from each other and discover The Way - the joy of Jesus in their lives.   For more information, please feel free to call or email.

We would really appreciate your prayers for our ministry and the Awakening event that we get out of the way and let God!